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"No one does it better than Nat Geo!"

- Barbara G, Boston

"Celebrates 100 years since Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered...Awesome!"

- Anna A, Boston

"It was amazing!"

- Agatha A, Boston

"A great way to spend a Sunday morning!"

- Linsey S, Boston

"Beyond King Tut was absolutely amazing!!

- Kinya K, Boston

"Eye-catching and historical."

- Tonia B, Boston

"Loved everything about it."

- Katherine M, Boston

"Great experience with my daughter. Yes, we would do another exhibit like this. VR experience was amazing."

- Josephine P, Boston

"That was great! We really enjoyed it!"

- Julianne T, Boston

"One of the best exhibits I've ever seen! King Tut's voyage to the afterlife."

- Janis, Boston

"My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I may have some future archeologists on my hands!"

- Kimberly L, Boston